Richieste frequenti?

Generally not, given that, as we are an artisanal workshop, we make the ordered instruments one by one directly for those who request them. It may happen that there are some already available, but it is never the same model and it is not certain that this is the case at all times of the year.

This really depends on the type of instrument you have chosen. Tunable drums are made and shipped within three to six months of placing your order. Traditional and popular instruments, on the other hand, have shorter production times, but which vary according to the moment of year. It should also be considered that shipping times vary if the destination is Italy, Europe or the Rest of the world. We do our best to build the drums in a short time but without ever neglecting the necessary accuracy and precision.

Yes, each instrument is handcrafted by Biagio and his son Lorenzo, at every stage of the manufacturing process, and is an entirely artisanal and professional product, in which the utmost care and attention is paid.
For the traditional drums the materials are beech wood and goat skin. Tunable drums, on the other hand, are produced with a vast range of woods, among which the Olive wood is the peak of our production. Then, there are the synthetic drums which are made with a plastic membrane.
Of course, we make and have always made instruments tailored to the needs of the musicians. Every aspect of a drum is adaptable and customizable. Contact us via mobile phone or whatsapp, so we can outline the drum project together and give you a quote before realisation. If you accept, we start the production of your drum!
Yes, we ship and have shipped worldwide over the last 25 years, always with the utmost reliability, providing the tracking code once the order has been shipped.